The Flying Comet - custom 2 into 1 exhaust system for Sportster

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It all began with the Tremor but as all things that refuse to perish, evolve. From that idea, this cutting edge design was born.

A 2-1 design that is carefully handmade with high quality TIG welding and 2” high-grade 316 stainless steel pipes, both pipes go to a merge collector made of 2” stainless steel, ending in a 3” stainless steel muffler.

Due to its handcrafted muffler, it provides a lighter sound, for those who don’t like the tempestuous roar of an open exhaust. Your Sportster will also have a more radical look, without losing Gallop’s signature touch.

***Financing available***: Gallop Motorcycles partnered up with Snap Finance, which allow you to finance a purchase for up tp $5,000 USD. Click on the banner below for more info

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